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You will reap the benefits of a boxing or kickboxing workout without taking hard hits and achieve a great fitness workout. TITLE Boxing Club Charlotte Ayrsley has exciting full body workouts tailored for you.

Group Boxing and Kickboxing Classes

At TITLE Boxing Club in Charlotte, we provide cardio classes unlike any other fitness clubs. By combining hit-free boxing, kick-boxing, and mixed martial arts training with intense cardio workouts and toning exercises, we’ve developed Power Hour, boxing and kickboxing classes that can push you past plateaus and help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to tone your muscles or shed some pounds, we offer group Power Hour workout classes to fit any schedule and any fitness level.

Professional Trainers help you burn up to 1,000 Calories*

When you visit your local TITLE Boxing Club Charlotte Ayrsley , you’ll not only meet dedicated trainers who’ll help you burn up to 1,000 calories* in an explosive group boxing or kickboxing Power Hour — you’ll also join a judgment-free, like-minded community who’ll celebrate your milestones and motivate you to achieve further success.

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What Sets our Fitness Club Apart?

Why be a member at TITLE Boxing Club in Ayrsley? Let’s start with the people. At TBC Ayrsley, we have a Team Code of Honor. In that code of honor our trainers and staff make a promise that we will always put our members first! We are a club — we are NOT a gym. We are a boxing club and we are one of a kind. Boxers are always at the top of the list of fittest athletes in the world so we are taking their workout and bringing it to a clean, friendly and enthusiastic place where staff, trainers and club members provide encouragement, motivation and all the tools needed to live the healthy lifestyle you desire. There is a science behind the POWER HOUR workout. Most people do not have a lot of time to spend working out, but the efficiency of the POWER HOUR gives you zero excuse. You have the opportunity to burn up to 1000 calories doing a total body workout — all we ask is for at least 3 hours per week. Everyone has time for that: just 3 times per week for guaranteed results. Try it once and EXPERIENCE the difference. We can’t explain it, you just have to try it. The first shot is always free so there is literally nothing to lose.

Grab a Friend & Meet at TITLE Boxing Club to Burn up to 1,000 Calories*!

When you join TITLE Boxing Club Charlotte Ayrsley for a group boxing or kickboxing class, YOU are the only thing standing in your way. Our unique high-energy, high-intensity exercise classes are designed to help you burn up to 1,000 calories*. Our professional trainers combine warm up exercises, boxing or kickboxing techniques, cardio workouts, and toning exercises to help you strengthen your core, build muscle, and gain endurance. With your persistence, we can help you reach your full fitness potential.

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Take It To the Next Level With Personal Training in Charlotte

If you enjoy the energy and camaraderie of a group fitness class but would also benefit from one-on-one training, then personal training is perfect for you. You’ll meet with a personal trainer who will discuss your fitness skills, current fitness level, and your health goals, then develop a tailor-made program that takes these factors into account. In your customized personal training sessions, you’ll go toe-to-toe with your trainer, working your mitts, lifting weights, and completing rigorous cardio work, including boxing and kickboxing.

The personal trainers at TITLE Boxing Club Charlotte Ayrsley are here to champion you, provide motivation and support, and maximize your results. They’ll use their professional expertise to give you the attention you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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We’re so confident that you’ll love our fitness club with explosive kickboxing and boxing classes that we encourage you to try your First Shot Free. Come in and experience the fun and intensity of a TITLE Boxing Club workout — if you push yourself to persevere, we know you’ll see results.

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